2010 Equus Hall of Fame Awards


AA-Allusion (aka ìLuî) is named to the Equus Hall of Fame for his outstanding endurance achievements and his dedication to service in Sonoma County.

Betty Menefee

Betty Menefee is named to the Equus Hall of Fame for more than fifty years of service as a teacher and leader for the Sonoma County equestrian community.

Bettyís first memory of horses was as a youngster when her mother would bring her out to greet the gray draft horse hauling the ìRags, Bottles, & Sacksî wagon. She was terrified. The next summer she took a pack trip during summer camp in the Sierras, and never stopped riding after that!

Carol Barnes

Carol Barnes has been named to the Equus Hall of Fame for her forty years of quiet, dedicated service to the equestrians and equestrian organizations of Sonoma County.

Carolís first horse, named Old Paint, was a Montana Mustang that her Dad brought back in an open-topped wooden trailer. According to Carol, ìMy dad worked on sheep ranches so we always had horses. I grew up on a horse and canít remember when I didnít ride.î

Gwen Stockebrand

Gwen Stockebrand is named to the Equus Hall of Fame in recognition of her contribution to advancing the discipline of Dressage.

Gwen started riding at three years of age. She remembers learning an important lesson at age seven. She was leading her horse Ginger in order to introduce her to the hot wire and got too close. According to Gwen, ìThe horse went flying, the lead rope went flying, the horse took off, and I learned about electricity.î

Henry Trione - A Special Tribute

The Sonoma County Horse Council would like to offer a special tribute to Henry Trione for his decades of dedication promoting the presence and image of horses in Sonoma County. In particular, the SCHC would like to acknowledge and offer gratitude for Henryís role in the creation and preservation of Annadel State Park.

John Ryan

John Ryan is receiving an Equus Award for his collaboration with equestrian groups and tireless political advocacy for equestrian access to open space in Sonoma County.

John does not ride or own horses. He does recall riding a horse as a small child in a corral at a family reunion in Morgan, Utah. ìIt was a great experience,î he recalls, ìand made me realize the importance of the horse and rider relationship.î

Michael Rosenberg

Michael Alan Rosenberg has been named to the Equus Hall of Fame for his dedicated practice as a farrier in Sonoma County, and for his outstanding leadership of Petaluma Riding and Driving Club (PRDC).

Midnight - Honorable Mention

Midnight is a very special pony who belongs to Linda Aldrichís Howarth Park Pony Express. He is eighteen years old and of Welsh and Shetland descent. Midnight received nominations from two children. One nominator wrote, ìMidnight was the first horse I rodeÖMidnight listens to everybody on his backÖhe loves it when everybody pets himÖI always want to ride Midnight.î

Veda Rose Pope

Veda Rose Pope is receiving an Equus Award for her pioneering work training mules and donkeys, and for her special leather craft.

Veda Rose started riding at age nine on her grandparentsí donkey. She would ride up and down the railroad tracks, and feel like she was in her own little world. ìI was just riding the rails!î Veda Rose Pope first came to Sonoma County in 1960, after she was married at Novato Air Force Base. At age eighteen, she opened Carters Farm, where she trained and boarded horses. (She reports she also trained some children there.)