Diana Kay Thompson

Diana Thompson

Diana Thompson has been named to the Equus Hall of Fame for years of teaching Sonoma County horse owners how to use equine acupressure, massage, and gentle, effective training methods with their horses.  Diana was born in Tacoma, Washington. Her parents gave Diana and her siblings a pinto palomino filly named Trixie for Christmas when she was six years old. Diana enjoyed years of trail riding, competing in shows, and competitive trail rides. As a freshman in college, she earned a spot on the mounted drill team.

Yves Serge Sauvignon

Yves Sauvignon

Yves Sauvignon has been named to the Equus Hall of Fame for his contribution to Three Day Eventing in Sonoma County and abroad.  Yves, who hails from France, started riding at age nine. He didnít own his own horse for many years, instead riding the horses at his training facility. Yvesí earliest training was in Classical Dressage and Show Jumping. At age sixteen he was admitted to Le Haras du Pin in Normandy, a professional riding school for talented equestrians administered by the French government.

JoDean Nicolette

JoDean Nicolette

JoDean Nicolette has been named to the Equus Hall of Fame for her extensive volunteer service supporting equestrians and equestrian organizations of Sonoma County.  JoDean began riding as an adult. ìI started to ride horses at age thirty-nine,î she shrugs, ìjust as I started to develop fear, and a sense of my own mortality.î JoDeanís first horse was a three year old Paint horse named Jimmie (Jimmie-James to his friends). She still has Jimmie, and has continued to add to her herd.

Stuart Alan Greenberg

Stuart Greenberg

Stuart Greenberg has been named to the Equus Hall of Fame for his thirty years of humble and dedicated service as a classical farrier, and as teacher and mentor to hundreds of equestrians in Sonoma County. Stuart was born in Louisville Kentucky. As a child, Stuart remembers starting to ride at Mrs Brownís farm, where he would take lessons with his brother. ìShe hollered at us a lot, I remember,î says Stuart. After that Stuart took the opportunity to ride any friendsí horses he couldÖusually bareback.

Ann Gillis, DVM

Ann Gillis

Ann Gillis has been named to the Equus Hall of Fame for twenty years of dedicated equine veterinary service in Sonoma County. Ann first remembers riding at summer camp at age eight. After that she stole any ride she could until age twenty-two when she got Snip, a Quarter Horse. She trail rode and worked cows on Snip, and has owned horses ever since.

L. Lawrence Braun

Larry Braun

Larry Braun has been inducted into the Equus Hall of Fame for his promotion and preservation of the Peruvian Paso breed. Larry was born in Indiana, and began riding horses at a very young age. As a teen, Larry assisted children on pony rides at a local amusement park and was given riding privileges after work. Larry also rode a neighborís small stallion who he credits with teaching him how to stay in the saddle, as this stallion would try everything to get Larry off his back.

Pamela Anne Berg

Pamela Berg has been inducted into the Equus Hall of Fame for her twenty years of dedication to helping horses in need in Sonoma County.Pam canít remember a life without horses. She grew up doing all the crazy things kids doÖand miraculously avoided injury: jumping bareback without reins, jumping ìproblemî horses, and barrel racing.

Midnight: A little Black and a lot of Pony

Midnight, a pony.

Midnight has been chosen as the 2011 Hall of Fame Horse in recognition of his commitment to making the days and the dreams of young, aspiring equestrians come true. Though small in stature, Midnight is mighty in his ability to elicit a smile from any child who knows him. Midnight spends his days at the Howarth Park pony corral. A cross between a Shetland and a Welsh, Midnight is a little black and a lot of pony. His age is a bit of a mystery but heís probably gaining on his second decade in this world.

Robert C. Adams

Robert C. Adams

Robert Adams has been named to the Equus Hall of Fame for over thirty-five years of dedicated leadership in the equine industry. Robert was born on a farm in Akron, Ohio. At the age of ten, he learned how to drive a team of horses for haying and picking up sap for the sugar mill on the property. After high school and during a tour of duty in the Air Force he was part of a goodwill touring rodeo team that visited Europe. He rode broncs and bulls for several years in the program.