Sarah Ellen Reid

Sarah Reid

Sarah Reid has won an Equus Award for her dedication to equestrian access on trails and in open spaces. 

Sarah always wanted a horse, but didn't realize her dream until age twenty-two. She discovered trails with her horse, Verdi, at age twenty-eight. Since then she has dedicated herself to trail preservation and equestrian access, now riding her horse, Oreo. 

Sandra Jean Kriegsman

Sandy Kriegsman

Sandy Kriegsman has won an Equus Award for display of leadership in promoting the health and well being of horses in Sonoma County.

Sandy's first memory of horses was as a five year old leading a pony following a photographer door to door. She wore a cowboy hat and chaps and posed for photos. She finally got her own horse when she was nine years old.

Hope Hobday Glynn and Edward McCabe (Ned) Glynn

Hope and Ned Glynn

Hope and Ned Glynn have been selected for Equus Awards for their contributions to the Hunter Jumper discipline in Sonoma County.

Hope started riding as a junior in Sacramento, coached by her mother, Pricilla Hobday, and Patty Ball. She became professional after graduating from UC Davis. Ned grew up in Petaluma and rode under the coaching of Gry and Duncan McFarlane. As a junior, he was already a champion. He coached the UC Davis equestrian team, and then traveled back East and rode with grand prix rider, Candice King.

Edna Frances Draper

Edna Draper

Edna Draper has been awarded the first posthumous Equus Award for her introduction and promotion of the Arabian breed in Sonoma County and across the United States.

Edna had the typical young girl's love for horses. Due to an early injury to her back, Edna never actually rode, but she was an expert handler. She competed in halter classes, and knew champions when she saw them. Edna's horses were so well trained that her stallions could be led by just their manes wrapped around their necks.

Christopher K Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has received an Equus Award for his dedication to teaching and advancing the discipline of Cutting in Sonoma County.

Chris Brown was born in Australia. He began to ride at age three on his family's horse Tish. As an adult he spent eight years in the outback learning ranch operations.

2012 Equine Hall of Fame Inductee—Black Ruby

Black Ruby

Black Ruby has been inducted into the Equus Hall of Fame for her lifetime achievement and advancement of mule racing locally, nationally, and internationally.

According to the NY Times, "To say that Black Ruby is the Secretariat of mules is a bit unfair. Secretariat never won 57 races, nor was he named Champion of his breed five straight times. He did not hold the world record in three distances. Black Ruby has done that and more. She is one fast mule."  The NY Times featured Black Ruby mid-career; she had much, much more to accomplish.