Patricia Michele Williams

Patti Williams receives an Equus Award as Volunteer of the Year. She is being honored for her decades of service and leadership in Sonoma County’s oldest horse association: The Sonoma County Driving & Riding Club (SCDRC).


Kate Sullivan, Founder of Sonoma Action for Equine Rescue, SAFER

Kate Sullivan has received an Equus Award for her dedication to humane treatment and safe rehoming of our local temporarily displaced horses. 


As a child, Kate never owned a horse, but went for weekly rides at local stables. She remembers connecting with a horse named Brandy, “part Quarter Horse and part Alaskan mutt,” who taught her to ride. 


John William Kaufman, D.V.M.

John Kaufman, DVM has received an Equus Award for his contribution to Sonoma County in the large animal veterinary field. As far back as he can remember John always wanted to be a veterinarian. According to his father, at age twelve John announced during a family vacation that he wanted “to make sick animals well.” 


Ashley & Howard Herman

Father-daughter team Ashley and Howard Herman have received an Equus Award for their development of the equestrian industry in Sonoma County.


Romax Foldager

Romax Foldager has been inducted into the Equus Hall of Fame for his lifetime achievement in Dressage and his ability to carry a young rider to national success. 


Clover Easter (aka Clover Ten-Thirty)

Clover Ten-Thirty has been selected as the 2013 Hall of Fame Horse for the lifetime of teaching and healing service she has offered to thousands of Sonoma County residents.

Most horses are special to someone, but Clover Ten-Thirty holds a special place in the heart of each person who has come into contact with her. Her open, gentle, and kind nature has inspired hundreds of people to ride and work with horses in their lives. 

Steven Bruce Burchfield

Steve Burchfield has received an Equus Award for his outstanding contribution as president of the Sonoma County Regional Parks Mounted Assistance Unit.

Steve remembers starting to ride in fifth grade. He shared an Arab-Appaloosa cross named Shiloh with his two sisters, taking turns riding around the family’s five-acre Sebastopol property, using just a hackamore and saddle pad. He even remembers riding Shiloh to his elementary school. Steve roped in high school rodeo.

Martha “Marty” H Griffin

Marty Griffin has received an Equus Award for creation of the Varykino Program and her introduction of young people to the care, riding, and showing of horses. 

Marty learned to ride at the age of ten in Florida. She and her first horse Lightening would run like “wild Indians” around the 12,000-acre Hillsboro River State Park. She road bareback because her family could not afford a saddle. Marty later moved to northern California. 

Donald Lee “Red” Rightsell

Red Rightsell has received an Equus Award for his achievement in Team Roping and his mentorship of local riders.

Red learned to ride when he was in fifth grade on a sorrel Quarter Horse named Shiny. He rode around his family’s ranch in Patterson, Ca, and Red remembers Shiny as being “just a nice guy.”

Neil Shepard

Neil Shepard has received an Equus Award for his dedication as a teamster and his leadership in the driving community.

Neil has always loved horses. He is the great, great nephew of Jack London, and remembers riding all over the Beauty Ranch as a child. He and his sister and brother shared a Morgan named Shenta, and pinto named Apache. He grew up using horses as transportation.