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SCAS Emergency Animal Sheltering


How to Become an A-DSW

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***Times and locations for Workshops and Trainings will be provided upon completion of A-DSW Application

Emergency Management relies heavily upon the community members and "Volunteerism". During disasters.

State of California

Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Program
Disaster Service Workers (DSW) are volunteers who provide disaster relief service during a declared disaster. Disaster service is designed to aid in the response and recovery phases in a disaster or emergency. It does not include the day-to-day emergency response activities typically associated with, for example, law enforcement, fire services or emergency medical services.

Injuries sustained by DSWs are covered through the State of California Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Program ( It provides workers' compensation benefits to registered Disaster Service Worker (DSW) volunteers who are injured while participating in authorized disaster-related activities, including pre-approved training. The Program also provides the local EOC with limited immunity from liability.

**Mandatory Training is required for consideration to become a part of the A-DSW Program:

TIER 1 Training
SCAS A-DSW 101 Workshop (How To Become an A-DSW) 6/6/18, 7/21/18, 8/8/18
FEMA ICS 100, 200, and 700 FEMA IS 10 & IS 111 (Free Online Courses)
SCAS Emergency Animal Sheltering 12 Hours 9/8 & 9/9/2018
Red Cross Shelter Fundamentals Training 4 Hours TBD


Sonoma County Animal Services is the region's government shelter and the lead agency
for disaster relief efforts, including search and rescue efforts by animal control
officers. Sonoma County is the home of thousands of different species of animals.
Animal owners understand and have experienced how quickly a disaster can arrive
and devastate all planning in a matter of seconds and minutes.
Animal Owners and Animal Lovers who wish to assist Sonoma County Animal Services
during these unforeseen events are needed.

If you wish to become a Registered Animal Disaster Service Worker for those times of
need, please email
Subject: A-DSW Application Request. An application for all inquiries will be provided
to each individual directly.

Brian Whipple
Director of Operations

Earlier Event: August 8
SCAS A-DSW 101 Workshop