********************FIRE SEASON IS UPON US!********************

First Event June 6th! Sign Up Now!

The Sonoma Co Horse Council and Sonoma Co Animal Services are sponsoring several additional training sessions in disaster preparedness

The So Co Horse Council wants our equestrian community to be prepared.   To date we have:

   * Hosted two trailering courses -  training people for emergency evac and transport to become certified

    * Partnered with Sonoma Co Fairgrounds and So Co Animal Services in after-action planning meetings

    * Actively pursuing an MOU with So Co Animal Services for local disaster response for large animals

Please consider becoming a registered Animal Disaster Service Worker. We learned how important it is to be prepared and trained during the October 2017 fires. Now is the time! Upcoming trainings hosted by Sonoma County Animal Services.  Please see attached fliers for more information.

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The Sonoma County Horse Council is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 to promote the health and well-being of horses, and support horse-related activities in Sonoma County.


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