Disaster Preparedness~Recommended First Aid Kit

Disaster Preparedness:
Items recommended for a wound care first aid kit and sources.

Ted Stashak DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS, Emeritus Professor Surgery

  1. 1)  Wound preparation and cleansing

    1. Non-sterile (clean) 4”x4” gauze sponges – Drug store.

      1. Moisten with water and place in the wound to protect it prior to clipping the hair. Can be used to clean debris from the wound.

      2. Place 20 in a plastic sandwich bag to keep them clean.

    2. Scissors – Mayo to clip hair from wound edges – Feed or Drug or Hardware stores

    3. Vetricyn VM Plus S olution – wound irrigation (cleansing) and antimicrobial effect – your veterinarian

  2. 2)  Topical antibiotics and antimicrobials

    1. Triple antibiotic (Neospori) - drug or feed store

    2. Silver Sulfadiazine (Silvaden). Veterinarian. Use for superficial + deep burns

    3. Betadin antiseptic ointment – Drug or Feed store

    4. Vetericyn VF Plus H ydrogel or contaminated wounds that cannot be bandaged. Spray on – your Veterinarian

  3. 3)  Wound dressings 

Telfa AM - clean wounds. Drug Store, Veterinary supply or Veterinarian. Kerlix AMDTM gauze sponges - contaminated wounds. Drug Store, Veterinary supply or Veterinarian.

AluSpra Aerosol Bandage. Spray on clean wounds that cannot be bandaged. Veterinary supply store or Veterinarian.

4) Bandaging material

  1. Bandage scissors – Feed or Drug store or internet.

  2. Cotton bandage wraps – CombiRol or RediRol – Feed store or internet

  3. Conforming gauze rolls – Feed store or internet

  4. Self adherent bandage (e.g. Vetra or SECURWraM r  ElastianM); – Feed store or internet. To secure and cover the cotton bandage

  5. Elastico – Feed store or internet. To attach bandage, top and bottom, of bandage to the hair