Our Newest Member Megan Saldana Sweeley

I'm a life long equestrian who has lived in Sonoma County for almost my entire life.  I am the proud mom of a soon-to-be 8 year old son who is also an avid rider.  My husband, son and I are all members of the Petaluma Riding and Driving Club and I am currently the Junior Counselor for the Petaluma Junior Riding Club.  I look forward to my membership with the SoCo Horse Council.

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Wildfire Information for Rural Areas

Sonoma County Farm Bureau
Wildfire Information for Rural Areas

Sonoma County Farm Bureau would like to express our sincerest thoughts to those who have been affected by the fires in Northern California. The extensive damage has been devastating to both our rural and urban neighbors, but we believe we will come out of this disaster stronger as a community.

We would like to thank the firefighters who have come in not only from around the state, but around the world to assist in relief efforts. A thank you is also due to all the additional first responders, emergency personnel, local organizations, elected officials and volunteers who have come together in this time of need to support our community.

As we see more containment on the fires, we urge everyone to remain vigilant during this time and to support your neighbors in need. Our community will make it through this. Let's stay Sonoma Strong!

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Offers Assistance to Farmers and Livestock Affected by Wildfires

Sonoma County Farm Bureau is working with the Sonoma County Emergency Operations Center at the Fairgrounds, Sonoma County Horse Council and Sonoma County Animal Services to ensure that farmers, ranchers, and livestock have the support needed to overcome the damage caused by the destructive wildfires in Northern California.

Sonoma County Farm Bureau is coordinating donations of feed and supplies for livestock and horses. The Farm Bureau office has secured a storage yard and is in the process of gathering feed, particularly hay, for distribution to affected farmers throughout the county.

Sonoma County Farm Bureau is seeking donations of feed from our community. If you cannot donate feed, but would like to assist with livestock relief efforts, monetary donations can be made by contacting our office.

To donate goods including hay and livestock supplies or to request assistance, Sonoma County Farm Bureau can be reached at emily@sonomafb.org or 707-544-5575.

*If Your Farm or Ranch Has Been Affected by The Recent Wildfires and You Need Assistance Please Contact the Sonoma County Farm Bureau Office*


The Sonoma County Ag Commissioners office (ACO) can start issuing temporary access permits that will allow safe and urgent Agriculture access to areas cleared for utility access (no public use). These permits are for commercial ag business uses only. The permits can be obtained and signed at the ACO and are good for 12 hours. This will be a very closely-watched process and will require an escort by the Ag Commissioners Office. If you are trying to get grapes harvested and/or access to wineries or attend to livestock, please go to the ACO or call 707-565-2371 to see if your area of interest is accessible. Please do so with patience



UCCE Sonoma County is seeking to connect landowners who have an available pasture with farmers and ranchers whose land was affected by the fires. If you have available land and can help out, please contact our office for more information.



FSA has a program for Livestock death. Losses must be documented with at least a photo before carcass disposal to be eligible. Contact your local FSA Office for more information.



Employers in Napa, Sonoma, and Yuba Counties directly affected by multiple fires, including the Tubbs and Atlas fires which began on October 8, 2017, may request up to a 60-day extension of time from the EDD to file their state payroll reports and/or deposit payroll taxes without penalty or interest. This extension may be granted under Section 1111.5 of the California Unemployment Insurance Code (CUIC). A written request for extension must be received within 60 days from the original delinquent date of the payment or return.

More information: sonomafb.org/pdf/2017/EmployerDisasterInformation.pdf


Individuals affected by recent wildfires can find more information and resources here: northbaybusinessjournal.com/northbay/sonomacounty/7531821-181/sonoma-fire-business-employee-resources

The Local Assistance Center offering assistance to all persons and businesses affected by these unprecedented fires is open at 427 Mendocino Ave at the offices of the Press Democrat. Local, state and federal agencies will be on hand to assist from 9am - 7pm.



Sonoma County Farm Bureau
P: 707.544.5575 
F: 707.544.7452 

Our Newest Member Ellen Garvie

Welcome, Ellen Garvie!

Ellen Garvie: Lives near Sonoma Horse Park in Petaluma. She grew up in Mill Valley when it was a small town and had the SMHA ( S Marin Horse Assoc) arena right where the bike path is. She had her horses in Tenn Valley before it became GGNRA. She has participated in; Ride n Tie, NATRC, and 3Day. She is involved in a unique wine club that pays its members to Sip 'n Share!  

Equine Health Program Updates - CDFA


Equines Entering California through Border Stations

Border station personnel are required to document all horses crossing into California. This includes California horses returning to California. Thus, all horse trailers are required to stop at the border station crossings to provide destination information and required entry documentation. To facilitate prompt, efficient transition through the station, an Equine Only – California Entry Document has been developed. This document can be completed in advance and provided to the border personnel for verification.

Equine owners and transporters are encouraged to download and complete the document for presentation to station personnel.

To download the document, visit https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/ahfss/Animal_Health/pdfs/Equine-CA-Entry.pdf.


For 2017, a total of fourteen (14) horses have been confirmed positive for West Nile Virus (WNV). The positive horses were located in Glenn, Contra Costa, Fresno, Kern (2), Riverside (4), Plumas, Lassen, Tehama and San Joaquin (2) counties. Eleven (11) horses were unvaccinated and three (3) horses had unknown vaccination status. Seven (7) horses died or were euthanized and seven (7) horses are recovering.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) continually monitors and investigates equine neurologic cases for the presence of WNV in California. CDFA urges horse owners to consult their veterinarian concerning a WNV vaccination program to ensure maximum protection of their horses.

For more information visit:

Emergency Evacuation Info

IF THERE IS A NEED TO EVACUATE, the owner will need to contact one of two people associated with the Fairgrounds. (So Co Animal Services will have these numbers, as will So Co Horse Council thru FB.) They will be given a gate code for the Aston entrance, they will need to have an arrival time, number of animals, number of stalls they would need, they will need to understand that there is an insurance contract to sign and a stall fee that they will need to pay as well as provide care for their own animals while at the fairgrounds. We believe the insurance contract is $50 and the stall fee is $10 per stall per day. If people would like to reserve a stall they can setup the contract today with a deposit which is refundable if they do not end up needing to use the stall.

So Co Animal Services  707-565-7100 or through their website:

Or email Sonoma Co. Horse Council Members:
Elizabeth Palmer  sylviasarah123@gmail.com
Denise Gilseth      dgilseth@gmail.com
Dr Ted Stashak    tstashak@sbcglobal.net

Sonoma County Fairgrounds Emergency/Evacuation Contact:
Robert Garcia  707-293-8408
Jason Cavanaugh  707-547-7343
Cliff Sanders 707-529-846