The Sonoma County Horse Council is now accepting round 2 grant funding applications


The Sonoma County Horse Council is now accepting grant funding applications from people in the equine community who suffered non-reimbursed  fire losses. Grants will range from $500 to $5,000 and the deadline for Round 2 funding is January 31,2018. Please see the attachment for more details.

Since the fires, the community has been very generous in donating funds to the Council's Equine Disaster Relief and Preparedness fund. Our heartfelt thanks to thanks to those that have already donated.  The Council is happy to accept further donations into this fund and the attachment provides information on how to make a tax-deductible donation to the fire relief fund.

Because of the community's generosity, $50,000 was available for Round 1 grants. The deadline for submitting an application for Round 2 grants is January 31, 2018. The Council recognizes that many people are still ascertaining costs and the total amount available to them from private insurance or public sources such as F.E.M.A. Depending on the results of the first two rounds, and the amount of continuing donations, there may be further funding rounds..

Please distribute this email broadly to help assure that fire victims in the equine community are made aware of the Council's grant program. On behalf of the Sonoma County Horse Council, thank you for your help and support in helping us reach the entire Sonoma County equine community.

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Offers Assistance to Farmers and Livestock Affected by Wildfires

Sonoma County Farm Bureau is working with the Sonoma County Emergency Operations Center, Sonoma County Animal Services, Sonoma County Horse Council and other local organizations to ensure that farmers, ranchers and livestock have the support needed to overcome the damage caused by the destructive wildfires in Northern California.

Sonoma County Farm Bureau is coordinating donations of feed and supplies for livestock and horses. The Farm Bureau office has secured a storage yard and is in the process of gathering feed, particularly hay, for distribution to affected farmers throughout the county.

Sonoma County Farm Bureau is seeking donations of feed from our community. If you cannot donate feed, but would like to assist with livestock relief efforts, monetary donations can be made by contacting our office.

To donate goods including hay and livestock supplies or to request assistance, Sonoma County Farm Bureau can be reached at or 707-544-5575.

To continue supporting the work of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau, become a member today. Call 707-544-5575or visit to join.


On behalf of the Sonoma County Horse Council, we hope you and your animals are safe, or at least in a safe haven for now. We offer our condolences, sympathy, and support to all of you who may have lost your home, personal belongings, and/or animals during these deadly and ravenous fires. We will have a long road ahead, but we are so very encouraged by the incredible outpouring of love and kindness that was shown and continues each day.

With that, it is appropriate that the contents of the winter issue of the Horse Journal be stories from our equine community. Stories of survival, rescue and recovery. Stories of coming together at a time when it was needed most. Stories of future plans to rebuild and come back better than before.

The submission guidelines for this issue only are:

- DUE DATE: Final stories must be submitted to me no later than Friday, November 10, 2017.
- # OF WORDS: Stories should be 100 words or less. 
- FORMAT: Stories should be submitted in Microsoft Word.
- PHOTOS: 1 photo only. 300dpi or close to 1 megabyte. JPG or PDF preferred.
- PERMISSIONS: Given the possible sensitive nature of the stories, please be sure that any mention of a person, organization, group, or horse/animal, be first approved by that person, organization, group and/and horse/animal owner.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may be interested in sharing a story. If we are unable to include all stories in the winter Journal, we will post them on our website and/or Facebook page.

The cover will be a collage of the many photos I expect to receive.

I can be reached by email and/or cell with any questions/comments you may have.

Many thanks and be well.

Patrice Doyle
Editor-in-Chief and SCHC Board member
(707) 695-9295 cell