Emergency Evacuation Info

IF THERE IS A NEED TO EVACUATE, the owner will need to contact one of two people associated with the Fairgrounds. (So Co Animal Services will have these numbers, as will So Co Horse Council thru FB.) They will be given a gate code for the Aston entrance, they will need to have an arrival time, number of animals, number of stalls they would need, they will need to understand that there is an insurance contract to sign and a stall fee that they will need to pay as well as provide care for their own animals while at the fairgrounds. We believe the insurance contract is $50 and the stall fee is $10 per stall per day. If people would like to reserve a stall they can setup the contract today with a deposit which is refundable if they do not end up needing to use the stall.

So Co Animal Services  707-565-7100 or through their website:

Or email Sonoma Co. Horse Council Members:
Elizabeth Palmer  sylviasarah123@gmail.com
Denise Gilseth      dgilseth@gmail.com
Dr Ted Stashak    tstashak@sbcglobal.net

Sonoma County Fairgrounds Emergency/Evacuation Contact:
Robert Garcia  707-293-8408
Jason Cavanaugh  707-547-7343
Cliff Sanders 707-529-846